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Day After the Dollar Crashes – Book Review and My US Dollar Perspectives

Book Review & my own perspectives about the dollar The Day After the Dollar Crashes, by Damon Vickers, released January 22, 2011   Mr. Vickers presents a very thorough and exceptional economic analysis. This is a must read for all. … Continue reading

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A Progressive Negative Income Tax

Guy Sorman, in “Why Not a Negative Income Tax (NIT)” (Investors Business Daily, Jan 24 – — provides strong arguments for a progressive NIT. In essence a NIT is very close to a major aspect of the Fair Tax … Continue reading

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Debt Ceiling – Perspectives

  DEBT CEILING – PERSPECTIVES Economics501 January 17, 2011 Extending debt ceiling may be one major event that persuades our foreign investors to significantly decrease financing our debt.    Many in Congress cannot or refuse to comprehend a financial balance sheet.  … Continue reading

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