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‘Aftershock’ Economy – Book Review

BOOK REVIEW AFTERSHOCK (2ND EDITION) SPRING 2011 – PROTECT YOURSELF AND PROFIT IN THE NEXT GLOBAL FINANCIAL MELTDOWN AUTHORS: DAVID WIEDEMER, ROBERT WIEDEMER, CINDY SPITZER Aftershock II (Spring 2011) is well timed and again an exhaustively researched/supported update to Aftershock … Continue reading

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OWS Day of Action – New York City 11/17/2011

I get off PATH and see a marine with machine gun. I get out and see many police and helicopters. Just before entering my building I see a large ows crowd chanting we are the 99 % over and over. … Continue reading

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Romney 2012

Romney 2012 Romney for President My top criterion for president is that the candidate will have had significant successes in the private economy. Romney by far meets this criterion by wide margin. As a venture capitalist he successfully invested to … Continue reading

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Tax Reform (Update 11/11/11)

Intro: Version 2 – some more emphasis on Fair Tax. Why? With 7:1 ratio of our total federal government debt (approx $15 Trillion to annual tax revenues (approx $2.25) US desperately needs to lower this. Otherwise US will risk foreign … Continue reading

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My 2 friendly debates with OWS demonstrators

My 2 friendly debates at OWS: Oct 18 –Lunchtime at OWS – I heard one OWS guy praising BO stating that he was a great president and was greatly improving the US. With police in area I felt safe and … Continue reading

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OWS – ‘Creative Destruction’

OWS and ‘Creative Destruction’ Saul Alinsky would be very happy with OWS (especially Oakland version) and their statist political supporters. Their goal is to destroy capitalism and current government. The Oakland government is loaded with statists who along with OWS … Continue reading

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