2012 Presidential Election: the main choice to make

The 2012 election’s main choice is between a risk taking private entrepreneur (Mitt) with a proven record growing the private sector vs a career radical (BO) determined to destroy the capitalist system and replace it with his Marxist utopia.


Investors Business Daily so far has published 4 reports this year with proof BO was and still is a Marxist.  This alternate media website Economics501 recently published an 11 point proof regarding hypothesis BO is a Marxist and also lists what life in a Marxist USA may be like in several years  — unless we vote for man who developed all of his God given talents to the max creating over 100,000 jobs, a man who should motivate all of us likewise to utilize all of our talents, instead of looking to a Nanny State the radicals in charge have been creating.  Mitt Romney for president!


Below – good weekend reading —

















About economics501

1 - free market Capitalist; 2 - Fitness Entrepreneur; 56 years old, VP at an Investment Bank in NYC, ex Venture Capitalist, happily married with 2 girls. Education: Rutgers and NYU. I allow Ted Hruzd, my friend to blog at will here. He has many posts here. I have known Ted since we were both students at NYU. Ted also works for an Investment Bank as a VP in Equity Global Markets. ------------------------- I was very very Socialist leaning as a 22 year old. I then strongly believed in Gov role in helping the poor. However, as a USDA Child Nutrition Programs, I personally accounted for millions of fraud, abuse, and waste of tax payer money. I came to believe that the poor would be best served with less Gov programs and more with direct aid via tax system. Then after 5 years I became a free market capitalist, was a venture capitalist in 2007 and helped start 2 high tech companies. I dedicate this site to champion free market capitalism as the best road to Prosperity. Please join in. If you disagree, fine, but please post with dignity and class and be civil. Argue with facts always.
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2 Responses to 2012 Presidential Election: the main choice to make

  1. swissecon says:

    One thing we have to take into account is that most people change dramatically once they enter the White House. Only people with strong principles stay the same. Romney does not have principles. Obama has got some (weak) principles, but …gosh, we don’t want to see them implemented!

    Bad choice, America!

    • economics501 says:

      Thanks for your response. Tt is though provoking. Regarding:

      “most people change dramatically once they enter the White House”

      For that matter Senate, Governorship, even Treasury Secretary or Council of Economic Advisers.

      I do have in back of my mind a worry that once Mitt is elected President that he may not be the champion of capitalism I envision. I was very optimistic about Jon Corzine given his GS success. Likewise I was optimistic about Hank Paulsom for same reason. I was optimistic about Christana Romer as Romer published a scientific analysis proving hypothesis that low tax rates grow the economy whereas high rates restrict it. Then she blew it on the stimulus and going along with BO. I even had high hopes for Tim Geithner given his overall positive role as NY Fed head during the 2008 financial crisis. He too went too far with BO radical debt economics. Of these 4 one can argue that Paulsen was most successful and consistent. I supported the TARP because I felt that no TARP could very likley have resulted in extended period of extremely weak lending, severe deflation with many assets plunging, and a depression more intense than 1929-39. Nevertheless of the 5 Presidential candidates I strongly feed that Mitt is best qualified, has most to offer, and the highest upside potential. Let’s hope so.

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