Obama Spreads the Wealth Globally

Obama Spreads the Wealth Globally

3 great editorials/Op Eds from IBD past few days:

IBD continues to pound away at BO, providing more and more proof he is bent on leveling the world playing field thus diminishing US economy and military.  If ‘many’ Democrats repeatedly  lie (at times blatantly) about Republicans

ex1: Republicans hate the poor and want to eliminate entitlements.  They say Ryan plan ‘cuts’ entitlements when in fact it decreases rate of increases;

ex2-Rich do not pay fair share when in 1984 14.8% paid no income tax whereas in 2010 it is 49.5 (source Heritage Foundation)

ex3- Tea Party Republicans are responsible for Rep Giffords shooting whereas they praise violent OWS .

why are Republicans afraid of telling the truth when it is ‘controversial’?

The relevant links:

Link: http://news.investors.com/article/609334/201204261741/obama-channels-rage-of-father-over-british.htm

Exert from above link:

Anti-colonial hatred, in fact, reflects Obama’s economic and foreign policy. It explains why he goes around the world apologizing for America and seeks to end its global dominance and exceptionalism.

It also explains why he wants to redistribute America’s military power to the Russians and Chinese, why he denied the Poles and Czechs missile defense and why he’s cutting our nuclear arsenal by a third.

Next (below) is more proof BO wants to destroy the US oil and natural gas  industry.  This is a page out of Saul Alinsky’s ‘Rules for Radicals’, BO’s Bible: choose and enemy and demonize it to destroy it.  Here we read BO EPA Admin targeting  the destruction of a shale energy corporation,  Range Resources.

Next link:  http://news.investors.com/article/609419/201204261900/white-house-protects-epa-official-who-would-crucify-oil-companies.htm

Next (below)  we read about Exxon’s contract of $3 billion with Russia to drill in the Arctic very near to where BO does not allow drilling for the US.  BO is likely ok with the Exxon – Russia deal.  Why?  It will help level the economic playing field between the US and Russia.  Incredible is is, that the US is the only nation in the world that applies a hands off approach to newly discovered hordes of oil and natural gas (60 years oil and 100 years natural gas).  Want $8 / gallon at the pump in 2013?  Vote for BO.


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