Morris Township – Honeywell Master Plan Update, May 27,2012

Honeywell Master Plan Update, May 27, 2012


NJ Dept of Transportation (DOT) may finance traffic flow enhancements at Park and Columbia. 


I learned this at a May 23 Morris Township Republican Party meeting (I am running in primary to represent District 5).


This may be a ‘wild’ card in the debate whether a revised master plan, per Honeywell’s request, is in our township’s best interests.  Why?  Per last public hearing I attended fear of traffic increase was topic #1.


It is encouraging that the state government is interested in evaluating what they can do to mediate both sides of the argument.  As concerned neighbors we must take advantage of this opportunity.  Show up at the next May 31 public hearing 7:30 pm and make certain we learn all that is possible and express our views how to handle the expected traffic increase.  Will the DOT propose an overpass?  Is that aesthetic?  Is that the only solution?  Are other feeder or exit lanes possible?  And can we have an independent study project the traffic impact?


For the record early in the process I was against the master plan modification.  I felt Honeywell should focus on expanding their research and corporate facilities, not get involved in real estate development.  However Honeywell backed off and offered a more modest development plan (ex: no hotel). Two months ago, after evaluating their economic impact analysis I came to support the master plan modification.  But so many have voiced opposition about traffic impact.  Also lack of a respectable traffic impact study that all can agree on, creates uncertainty.  Therefore, as with many moving targets, as this one is, we need to nail down final analyses and proposals then express out preferences about the master plan.  DOT is a wild card.  Let’s all participate May 31.  See you there.  


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