Mitt Needs a ‘Willie Horton’ like Commercial

Mitt Needs a ‘Willie Horton’ like Commercial

In Doug’s site — — we learn that Paul Ryan is far from a true conservative;  nevertheless the Dems and media are lying about him and his budget in overdrive and calling him an extreme right wing conservative.

BO is lying about both left and right.  BO’s lie about Mitt causing a woman to die from cancer is the number 1 LOW ever in American politics!  Her husband worked for a Bain company after Mitt left in 1998.  The woman had her own health insurance.   In 2006, she was not feeling well and was diagnosed with cancer and died quickly while Mitt was in his 2nd year as Governor.  This is 100% outrageous!

The Republicans must expose BO as the Marxist radical that he is.  Republicans must not fear being truthful but controversial.  A ‘Willie Horton’ like commercial can accomplish this.  Here is a ‘warm up’ commercial — that I created and sent to Mitt, Monica Crowley, and Dick Morris.  It pictures BO as a Marxist scholar in U of Chicago teaching a course how to destroy capitalism.  It also pictures Acorn demonstrators rioting on a bank CEO’s lawn demanding loans for people with ZERO % down.  This was something BO trained many in.  BO thus had a major role in creating the 2008 Great Recession and its aftermath – not George Bush!

Expect an enhanced version of this commercial soon as my 13 year old daughter is enhancing it with voice and video and special effects.

Other ones I will have her work on will be:

1 – BO building a New Top 1% comprised of BO czars and operatives (a modern Politburo)

2 – BO policies leading to Greece , Spain, Italy, Portugal like economic collapse with commercial displaying intense riots with a final question: do you want this in the USA.

3 – Michele Obama responding with a “SHHH” when someone commended her on the ‘stimulus” addressing economic growth.  The “SHHH” as argued by IBD recently was to keep quiet about the real objective of the stimulus – shift available capital from the private economy to public to starve capitalism because BO wants to level the world playing field (bring the US down) – well covered in Ed Klein’s “Amateur’ book about BO.

Please advise of more.


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1 - free market Capitalist; 2 - Fitness Entrepreneur; 56 years old, VP at an Investment Bank in NYC, ex Venture Capitalist, happily married with 2 girls. Education: Rutgers and NYU. I allow Ted Hruzd, my friend to blog at will here. He has many posts here. I have known Ted since we were both students at NYU. Ted also works for an Investment Bank as a VP in Equity Global Markets. ------------------------- I was very very Socialist leaning as a 22 year old. I then strongly believed in Gov role in helping the poor. However, as a USDA Child Nutrition Programs, I personally accounted for millions of fraud, abuse, and waste of tax payer money. I came to believe that the poor would be best served with less Gov programs and more with direct aid via tax system. Then after 5 years I became a free market capitalist, was a venture capitalist in 2007 and helped start 2 high tech companies. I dedicate this site to champion free market capitalism as the best road to Prosperity. Please join in. If you disagree, fine, but please post with dignity and class and be civil. Argue with facts always.
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