Ex-Democrat asks all Dems vote Mitt

Ex-Democrat asks all Dems vote Mitt

Ex-Democrat asks all Dems vote Mitt:  Democrats – choose private economy to grow economy.  Reduce public sector much of which simply grows deficit.  As ex Democrat I appeal to you to vote for Mitt.  He was a most successful businessman who turned a 37 million into 66 billion in 14 years with over 100,000 jobs.  Mitt is largely responsible for Sports Authority, Staples, Dominos.   as a private venture capitalist Mitt’s success rate was over 70%. as a government venture investor BO has returned negative 45 billion on his green energy 90 billion investment and likely soon will be negative 90 billion.  As Mitt stated in debate to BO “you always pick losers”.  The takeaway should be that Congress should pass a law restricting all government investments of a venture capitalist nature unless there is a private venture capitalist investing.  Even then the government must not invest any more than the private investor(s).  The private economy is the sector that creates self sustaining jobs which then often generate ancillary new jobs.  This in turn increases economic activity and tax revenues decreasing our debt.

I was a Democrat active in the Carter campaign with a strong belief in the governments role in social programs.  My first job post college as a USDA auditor for Child Nutrition Programs 1978-83 changed my perspective.  I uncovered millions in fraud, abuse, and incredible disregard for tax payer money.  I changed career path since to Wall Street IT  including a stint as a venture capitalist.  Successful venture capitalists, via careful analytical private investments, act as catalysts for new or restructured companies to generate profits, the prerequisite for self sustaining private jobs.

If BO wins we will encounter sluggish at best economic growth as BO is hostile to the private economy.  Instead he continues to believe in a government trickle down policy which already has increased our total debt by an incredible almost 6 trillion from 10.4 Trillion to over 16 Trillion in under 4 years.  Left unchecked the US will encounter a dollar collapse within 2 years.  Our foreign creditors have backed off financing our debt.  Per Senator DeMint in 2011 the Federal Reserve financed 77% of our debt.

What to do?  Vote for Mitt who will shift our focus to growing the private sector.  As a first step this may involve increasing natural gas and oil drilling on newly discovered energy resources.  Per Investors Business Daily this by itself projects to create 1 to 2 million jobs per year for next few years.  This will significantly grow our GDP by up to extra 2% per year, half our trade deficit, and generate substantial tax revenue to finance our core entitlements.

Time permitting I respond only to CIVIL comments.

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1 - free market Capitalist; 2 - Fitness Entrepreneur; 56 years old, VP at an Investment Bank in NYC, ex Venture Capitalist, happily married with 2 girls. Education: Rutgers and NYU. I allow Ted Hruzd, my friend to blog at will here. He has many posts here. I have known Ted since we were both students at NYU. Ted also works for an Investment Bank as a VP in Equity Global Markets. ------------------------- I was very very Socialist leaning as a 22 year old. I then strongly believed in Gov role in helping the poor. However, as a USDA Child Nutrition Programs, I personally accounted for millions of fraud, abuse, and waste of tax payer money. I came to believe that the poor would be best served with less Gov programs and more with direct aid via tax system. Then after 5 years I became a free market capitalist, was a venture capitalist in 2007 and helped start 2 high tech companies. I dedicate this site to champion free market capitalism as the best road to Prosperity. Please join in. If you disagree, fine, but please post with dignity and class and be civil. Argue with facts always.
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